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After the successful merger of Stockworth Realty and Stockworth Studios, we experienced remarkable growth, propelling our numbers from 40 million to an impressive 300 million.

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No Place Like Home

The Sanctuary - Orlando Penthouse

Arts Fellowship Orlando

Just Harvest Book Trailer

Client Reviews

Matt Guilford

Super friendly staff willing to work with your project to get you what you need.

Roy Reid, APR

The team at Platform Creators takes care of all the details and provides the creative direction and coaching to deliver the best results.

Michael Kelley (attorney, Big Show)

What a fantastic group! Always professional. Always responsive. And tons of creative content and ideas. I have noticed a huge impact in my business and reach since working with Platform Creators and highly recommend them to anyone wanting to take their online presence (or otherwise) to the next level. If I could rate them higher than 5-stars, I would.

Rob Rahter

The Stockworth Studios production team has helped me not only hit but exceed my goals this year. Their work is second to none. I would recommend them to anyone interested in monetizing their brand.

Michele Ronsisvalle

What do you get when you put a bunch of musically inclined, creative storytellers with various levels of skill and experience who have vision, heart, and a whole lot of personality together in one company? You get Platform Creators! We are fun, fruitful, faithful and a family!

SS is a place to be challenged to do your best work; there’s always room for improvement. It’s a place to stretch your abilities and spread your wings; color outside the lines and think outside the box. We have an attitude of support and teamwork; help one another get the job done. And a generous spirit that strives for excellence and expects integrity. And oh yeah, there’s rarely ever a boring moment!

Hannah Wismer

I have worked with Stockworthh Studios since January of this year. Their production team is creative & efficient! They have helped us really expand our business with virtual tours and property highlights. Great team to work with!

Larissa Schmidt

Stockworth Studios did a great job executing and quickly turning around a project for my state association. It required multiple cameras and a creative eye to seamlessly put an engaging recording together. I was very impressed!

Daniel Kennerly

The team at Stockworth Studios is unique, creative and on the ball. Our company hired them to develop a social media and video marketing campaign and they have knocked it out of the park. Traction and engagement are up with our potential clients and it is truly fun working with Mark and Co

Diane Sears

Launching a video interview series to develop an online TV show has been a daunting goal, but Stockworth Studios has helped us through the entire process and has made it fun and easy. From the start, the team set up a customized studio for us, coached us through the steps of preparing and recording, and made sure my guests and I felt relaxed and comfortable. For each segment, when the filming process is finished, Stockworth Studios takes care of the editing and produces professional, polished videos for us that have been a hit with our clients and our audience. I can’t thank Stockworth Studios enough for being part of our creative team!

Lindsey Lowenstein

Stockworth Studios handles all of our videography for our real estate listings. They provide great quality video and use state-of-the-art equipment to do so. The communication is phenomenal, and they make us feel well cared for. This local business is top of its class and I highly recommend using their marketing expertise to help grow your business!

Chris Koepplinger

I would highly recommend Stockworth Studios to anyone looking for an elite video production team. Their on site production ability is second to none and the drone footage of our current construction site was extremely beneficial.

Justin Presser

Stockworth Studios has been a huge benefit to my company. From the personalized service to content creation and direction to branding advice, Stockworth Studios has helped my business grow and, more importantly, provided cohesive direction on how to get my business' message out to others. Would highly recommend.

Curtis Wallace

Stockworth Studios has it all - a great creative team and a phenomenal facility! If you are ready to build your platform, you need Stockworth Studios

Jack Goggin Real Estate TV

Stockworth Studios did an amazing job helping me tell the story of a one-of-a-kind property on the Conway Chain of Lakes. The cinematography, voiceover, video and audio editing was top shelf. I will use them for every job moving forward.

Fidelity National Title

After 3 years I can honestly say I love working with their creative team. It doesn’t matter what we throw at them they can pull it off and more times than not amaze us by making it look better then we envisioned.

Creativity, dependability, spontaneity and pre-planning with organization are just a few things that we love about Stockworth Studios. They also accommodate us both onsite and offsite. They have grown as we have grown and this is definitely a relationship we will continue to count as necessary! - Susan West

Dana Menz

"Working with Stockworth Studios really helped us capture the vision of how Young Life is impacting teenagers across southwest Orlando. They put together an amazing video stitching together our own footage with an in person video that was filmed in their studio"

Stacy Maxberry

Fantastic from beginning to end! Professional script planning, on-time, prepared, insightful videographers, top notch producer, and excellent editing. I will use this team again!






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